SCVRush Open #61 €5 Prize Pool

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Please check here for the overall tournament rules! Make sure you read them before entering the tournament, as they recently received a change!

  PLEASE NOTE: This tournament requires a check in half an hour before it starts! You MUST check in on this page to be able to play! Once you joined the channel SCVRush ingame, please let a staff member know you are there! The brackets are just a suggestion, they are NOT final until the tournament starts!

  Additional information for this tournament:

  • Your casters: District, HeyBuddie

  • Your admin: nunu, flarnot

  • The stream: SCVRush

  • Date: February 7th, 2017

  • Starting time: 7pm CEST/6pm BST/1pm EDT/10am PDT

  • Meeting place: chat channel SCVRush on Starcraft EU Server (type /join SCVRush into the chat bar)

Starting maps:

  • Finals (Bo5): Veto process decides map order

  • Semifinals (Bo3):  Honorgrounds LE

  • Quarterfinals (Bo3): Bel'Shir Vestige LE

  • Round of 16 (Bo3):  Proxima Station LE

  • Round of 32 (Bo3): Newkirk Precinct TE

  • Round of 64 (Bo1):  Cactus Valley LE



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