SCVRush Monthly All-In #3 - $50 + OSC Points

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Welcome to SCVRush Monthly All-In.  If you have any questions, please ask them in general chat on discord, or reach out to an SCVRush manager directly.

This tournament is open to all players.

Matcherino page -
Use code SCVRAI3 to add $1 to the prize pool

  • You must sign up on the Matcherino page to receive your payout.

Admins: Flarnot, Gator

Casters:  Novawulfen, Cloudetix

Please read through the bullet points below for the rules and information regarding this tournament.


  • The Tournament will begin at 15:00 CET on Saturday the 19th of December with check in opening on challonge half an hour before, please ensure that you are checked in before the tournament starts, as you will be removed from the bracket if you are not.

  • Please join the following communication networks:

    • The ingame channel is  /join SCVRush on the EU Server

    • Our Discord server may be of use to you in locating your opponent:

  • You must sign up on the Matcherino page to receive your payout.

    Payout will be as follows: 

1st: $25

2nd: $15

3rd/4th: $5

1st: 60 OSC Points (+0.25 Pts x Number of players)

2nd: 30 OSC Points (+0.25 Pts x Number of players)

3rd-4th: 15 OSC Points each (+0.25 Pts x Number of players)

5th-8th: 5 OSC Points each

9th-16th: 2.5 OSC Points each

    • All matches will be in the best-of-three format, with the exception of the Grand Finals. See the “Maps” section below.

    • As soon as the bracket opens, message your first opponent to begin a game lobby together. If you do not join your game lobby in 15 minutes, your opponent will be immediately awarded a walkover.

    • One or more matches from each round will be randomly chosen to be live-cast on the Twitch stream. If your match has been chosen for the live-cast, you and your opponent will be notified when the round is opened, and admins will contact you, ignoring an admin’s request to wait to be casted may result in disqualification.

    • All games will be played on the EU server unless Both players agree to play on another.

    • Only admins and casters listed on the bracket page can be added to the game as observers unless both players agree, this excludes streamed matches which will only have a tournament admin and the casters as observers. 

    • If you are unable to participate in the tournament after signing up, please inform an admin as soon as possible.

    Match Logistics:

    • If a player disconnects, the game will be continued using the "Resume from replay" option in the game. If the disconnecting player is not in the lobby ready to replay the game after 10 minutes, they will forfeit the match. 

      • If a player disconnects in the first 60 seconds of a match, the map will be completely restarted. Players abusing this rule may be subject to removal from the tournament.

    • Matches should be played with no breaks in between games.  Players may ask their opponent for an up-to-five minute break once per series for personal needs. Any players found to be abusing this to gain an advantage will be subject to disqualification.

    • Tournament entrants should not participate in ladder matches at any time when they may be asked to play their tournament matches, those who do do so at their own risk, furthermore, anyone who is delaying the tournament in order to play in another tournament at the same time will be disqualified immediately.

    • Both players must agree to a draw via in-game-chat. Drawn games will be remade on the same map.


    • Map pool is the current season's ladder map pool.

    • Each map may be played only once per series. 

    • Each round’s matches will start on the same map, this map will be visible above the bracket. Winner vetoes a map and then the loser chooses the next map. 

      • Grand Finals will be BO5

      • *Monthly Tournament* - Game 1 Maps

        • Round of 64: Oxide 

        • Round of 32: Pillars of Gold

        • Round of 16: Lightshade

        • Quarterfinals: Deathaura

        • Semifinals: Submarine

        • Finals: Coin flip to determine first map choice, then bans/choices as outlined below

    •  For the finals, the higher seeded player on the challonge bracket will be player 1 and player 2. The map selection process is below:

      • Player 1 will veto one map.

      • Player 2 will veto one map

      • Player 1 chooses first map

      • Player 2 chooses second map

      • Player 1 chooses third map

      • Player 2 chooses fourth map


    • You must play the same race throughout the tournament. Random players must play random all tournament.

    • If unforeseen circumstances force you to be unable to play after the tournament has begun, your opponent advances to the next round. Please let an admin know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend your matches.

    • Please be respectful to other players and the admins. All admin decisions are final and may not be contested.

    • Finally, Blizzard asks us to “Play nice; play fair.” We ask that you do your best to represent our tournament with class and grace. Respect all moderator decisions, and be as flexible as possible if things don’t go exactly as planned.

    Final Results

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