Challonge premier badge

1st: Tournament system:

  • single elimination, no losers bracket

  • Ro32 and onwards Bo3, finals Bo5, the rest Bo1

2nd: Tournament Map system:

Map pool is always the current season map pool

  • the maps in the Bo1 are assigned

  • the first map in the Bo3s always is assigned

  • after the first game, the winner vetoes one map out of the remaining maps

  • the loser then picks his/her desired map out of the remaining ones apart from the ones already played on

  • In a bo5, there are no vetoes - first map is assigned and then loser picks every round

3rd: Check In:

  • All participants must check in on challonge to play

  • To do so, refresh the page once check in started, and click on the check in button at the top.

  • Check in starts 30 minutes before the tournament starts.

  • Check in closes as soon as the brackets were started and players that didn’t check in will be removed automatically by challonge!

4th: Tournament Prizes:

  • Weekly Open - 5

  • Monthly Finals - €20

5th: Tournament Rules:

  1. Tournament Race and league - Players must keep their race during a series, but are free to change their race throughout the tournament. You need to be ranked for any race that you wish to play in the tournament. If you were placed  two or more leagues above the highest league allowed in the tournament you want to play in, you are not allowed to play that tournament.

  2. Private Messages Blocking - Some players use the feature that disallows other people to send them a private message unless they're on the Friends list. Please make sure you turn this off before the tournament begins to enable admins and your opponents to contact you.

  3. Match Beginning – After the tournament begins, players will continue playing rounds as the bracket updates. If your opponent does not show up or is unresponsive, please report him to an admin and wait for 10 minutes. If he fails to respond after this period of time, he will then be disqualified. However, if you are chosen to be shown on stream, please wait with your game until the casters are ready.

  4. Observers – SCVRush would prefer that players watch our stream rather than stream themselves. If you do wish to stream, please make sure you have at least 3 minutes of delay. Games chosen for streaming on the main stream must delay their match till the streamers arrive.

  5. Disconnects - If a player disconnects the game will be continued using the "Resume from replay" option in the game. If the disconnecting player does not return after 10 minutes, they may forfeit the match. Players seen watching replays while waiting for another player to return will forfeit that match.

  6. Stalemates & Ties - In the event of a stalemate, the game will be replayed. The game can be tied by both player agreeing to a tie in chat, or the in-game stalemate timer.

  7. Manner – Be polite to everyone around you - use common sense to determine what you should or should not say.

  8. Cheating - Do not attempt to stream cheat, maphack or use any other method of gaining an unfair advantage.

  9. Opponent Accusations - Most of our tournaments are skill limited and therefore there is a possibility of smurfing. Please contact an admin if your opponent’s account seems suspicious. However, please do not publicly blame other players for smurfing in chat.

  1. Rule Of Common Sense - SCVRush uses your ladder rank to determine your skill level. Please do not try to reduce your ladder rank to smurf in lower league tournaments. If your account shows signs of tampering (such as intentionally leaving games) you may be disqualified. Also, we ask every player to play at least 10 games per week to keep their rank up to date.

  2. No Laddering During Tournaments - If you choose to ladder during a tournament, this is at your own risk - if your next game is ready, you must end your ladder game immediately to play. Please make sure you are able to receive messages.

  3. Participating in Other Tournaments - You are permitted to play in other tournaments at the same time as SCVRush tournaments, but if you choose to do so, you are doing it at the risk of disqualification should you not be able to turn up for your matches in time.
  4. MMR and Offracing - You are welcome to play as your offraces during our tournaments, if you are in too high of a league for you to participate in a league-restricted tournament, you can play as your offrace provided your offrace fits the boundaries of the tournament. However, the final decision will be the admin's.

6th: Miscellaneous:

  • Random matches throughout the tournament, as well as the finals, will be casted on our stream. We do not guarantee that you will be casted but we will try our best to cast as many as time allows.