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Overall rule set for all tournaments:

1st: Tournament system:

  • single elimination
  • Ro16 and onwards Bo3, finals Bo5, the rest Bo1
  • no losers bracket
2nd: Tournament Map system:
Map pool is always the current seasons map pool
  • the maps in the Bo1 are assigned maps as stated in the actual tournament
  • the first map in the Bo3s always is assigned in the actual tournament
  • after the first game, the winner vetoes one map out of the remaining maps
  • the loser then picks his/her desired map out of the remaing ones apart from the ones already played on
  • In a bo5, there is no preassigned map, and both players veto one map each, starting with the upper player in the brackets.  The upper player then picks the first map.
    3rd: Check In:
    • All participants must check in to reserve their spot in the tournament!
    • To do so, refresh the page once check in started, and click on the blue check in button at the top.
    • Check in starts 30 minutes before the tournament starts. Please talk to an admin if you are not able to sign up anymore because the check in was started. You will get signed in manually.
    • Check in closes as soon as the brackets were started, so don't be late!
    4th: Tournament Prizes:
    • LotV Open - 5
    • Last LotV Open of the month - €20
    5th: Tournament Rules:
    1. Tournament Race and league - All players must use only one race throughout the tournament. Random is allowed. You must be placed in a league according to the assigned tournament leagues. If you were placed at least two(2) leagues above the highest league of the tournament you want to play in, in the last 3 previous seasons (Leagacy of the Void), you are not allowed to enter that tournament. Leagues lower than the Tournaments max league are allowed to participate.
    2. Private Messages Blocking - Some players use the feature that disallows other people to send them a private message unless they're on the Friends list. Please make sure you turn this off before the tournament begins to enable admins and your opponents to contact you.
    3. Match Beginning – After the tournament begins, players will continue playing rounds as the bracket updates. If your opponent does not show or is unresponsive, please report him to an admin and wait for 10 minutes. If he fails to response after this period of time, he will then be disqualified immediately. However, you may be chosen to get featured on our stream, in which case you are obliged to wait until your admin gives you the green light to proceed.
    4. Observers – SCVRush would prefer that players watch our stream rather than observe games as it can lead to quality issues such as lag during the match, possible cheating, or delay in getting the game going. However in the even that players have someone that wishes to observe  they may as long as both participants & Admin as well as person streaming agree to it. If lag issues arise, all observers must leave the game & all observers must refrain from in game comments and only observe the game. Staff Members or Casting Partners of SCV Rush may observe any match at any time must must also adhere to the same rules.
    5. Replays - All replays must be saved by both players for possible future investigation. Failure to comply the first time will result in a warning. A second failure will result in disqualification. By default, replays are not uploaded anywhere.
    6. Disconnects - If a player disconnects within the first 5 minutes, the game will be restarted. After 5 minutes, the game will be continued using the "Resume from replay" option in the game. If the disconnecting player does not return after 10 minutes, he/she forfeits his/her game automatically. If there are any objections to this rule (a player was the decided victor before 5 minutes, for example) players may contact a tournament admin, who will review the replay and determine whether a re-game will be played. However, this exception will be applied only once during a round.
    7. Stalemates - In the event of a stalemate, the game will be replayed. The full in-game stalemate timer must elapse before players will start a re-game.
    8. Manner – In-game chat should be limited to the initial good luck, and then good game, expressions. You can of course chat besides that, but after one player expresses the wish to concentrate on the game, the other one must comply. Any communication containing hateful, racial, sexual or otherwise offending content will result in a warning; failure to rectify the bad manner will then result in disqualification. The tournament admins reserve the right to judge what is offensive and what is not.
    9. Stream Cheating, Hacking, Illegal Advantages - Streaming your games during the tournament is not forbidden - please let the admins know that you are doing it, and have at least 3 minutes delay on your stream.  Ideally, it would be better if you would forward your fans to the SCVRush Stream instead. Any player abusing an illegal advantage over his opponent will be instantly disqualified from the current event and banned from two future SCV Rush events. The tournament admins reserve the right to decide what determines this illegal practice.
    10. Opponent Accusations - Most of our tournaments are skill limited and therefore there is a possibility of smurfing. It is your duty to report weird accounts, however a continuous whining and accusations will result in a warning (followed by disqualification from the tournament). In general, if a player is accused of smurfing twice from different opponents, the admin staff investigates the issue further and ultimately makes a decision regarding the acusation.
    11. Check Your Opponent's Race - We've had a large number of cases recently where players entered the tournament without being in an appropriate league (e.g. Bronze players tried to play in Plat/Dia). The easiest way to fix it is you checking your opponent's profile before you begin to play and if you see a wrong league, contact the tour administrator immediately.
    12. Rule Of Common Sense - SCV Rush uses ladder as the major (and only) criterion to accept people into our skill limited tournaments. People who will display any of the following characteristics may be disqualified at the discretion of the admin:
    • you intentionally dropped your ranking e.g. when you changed your race
    • you play a different race than the one you ladder with
    • you didn't ladder recently (10 games / last 6 days)
    • you are clearly above the skill level of the said tournament
    • you have a new account and your large percentage of wins suggests you do not belong in the league you're in
    • you have been repeatedly convicted of bad manner
    • you continuously leave your league while laddering.

        The ladder games rule is used especially when it comes to determining whether you're in the correct league or not.

     13. No Laddering During Tournaments  - Although we understand that sometimes the intervals between your games can be    quite long, anyone caught laddering while his opponent is standing by will immediately forfeit the said match / series.

    We suggest to watch our live stream, talk in the chat room or do some other activities which, while being pleasant, keep you ready to play your next match.

    In all cases, admins reserve the right to decide at their sole discretion.

    6th: Miscellaneous:
    • Random matches throughout the tournament, as well as the finals, will be casted on our stream. We do not guarantee that you will be casted but we will try our best to cast as many as time allows.
    • You may be contacted by our Content Representative and asked to provide a replay for the purpose of the Video Replay Analysis category. You may reject this proposal if you wish.
    • By participating in our tournaments SCVRUSH reserves the rights to use the replays recorded by observers or casters in our online content (YouTube, Replay analysis Show etc.)